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How to Promote yourself in Google Analytics Solutions Gallery?

The title of the article sounds weird?  Have you ever wonder is it really possible?

It’s quite possible through Custom Reports.  Yeah sharing your with your name in solution gallery will give you the benefit of for yourself (that’s what I mean in the title – promote yourself)

Solutions Gallery

google Analytics

Let’s see how it is possible

Create your own custom report by using dimension and metrics. Once you saved you can see the share options in the left side of custom report dashboard

share option in custom report GA

Click share, once you click you will be asking to choose

  • Share template link
  • Share in Solutions Gallery

Custom report solution gallery share a template

If you are the man and would like to share your valuable report to others and take part in helping. You will be choosing second option

Once this template is shared, other users can find it in .


Data in your report will not be shared with others, it’s just the template.

Where will I find my report?

You can find them in “import from gallery” in GA, any users can see your name in Gallery for the Custom Report you have just shared in the library.

GA-Solution Gallery - import

Happy Branding. See you in the next post

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