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SEO Meta Data Or Big Data Extraction From The Web

For some of you, scraping and analysing “Big” data or metadata from the Internet may prove an important part of your role particularly in client-based search engine optimization.


It’s a problem I came across recently, I found the tools I already had in my SEO toolkit were not up to the task of providing the information I needed. While Scrapebox allows you to find links, images and other page elements and do some basic analysis, its toolset is particularly aimed at those looking to scrape and build links. What I needed was a tool to grab every bit of pertinent data from a series of websites. The tool also needed to understand what was pertinent data and what was useless information based on some rules. In other words it needed its own simple logic programming language built in top allow some level of sensible automation.

Doing this data fetching and analysis by hand may have taken days or weeks, and being somebody who likes to fiddle with new applications, I went looking on the Internet to find something that already did the job.

The video below shows me using some new software called “Outwit Hub”. I downloaded the demo version of it to test it first, there is several other metadata scrapers available and I demo tested a few of them. This one best suited my needs, but as I mentioned, there are others available on the market. Get the one that suits you and your needs.

I still ended up using some functionality from Scrapebox, however, adding the power and programmability of a metadata or big data scraper –  and then exporting the files, tables and lists to a spread sheet –  proved to be the quickest way of grabbing and analyzing the information my client was after.

This isn’t something that’s going to be useful to everybody in Internet marketing, but there will be a subset of you out there for whom this software, or an application like it may well prove to be the missing link and might boost your productivity greatly. The video goes into more detail if you are interested. Better still, try the demo version of this or similar software and see if it works for you.

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