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‘Knowledge Widget’ For Webmasters, Bing Launches

Microsoft has launched the Bing Knowledge Widget for webmasters and publishers. It detects and visualizes entities on your webpage, and displays rich info about the entity, providing site visitors with info about the said entities on the page. If they hover over the objects you’ve selected in the back-end, they will see the widget’s display on the right-hand side of the screen like so:


These are customizable, but come with pre-defined options for entity images, entity images and links or just entity links.

“When you have chosen a visualization option that includes entity links, you can set the link style associated with these entity links,” Bing says. “You can select from a number of pre-defined options or provide a name that you have defined yourself. Without getting into all of the set-up details, which can be fully explored on the dedicated Bing Knowledge Widget Help & How To page, the Knowledge Widget enables you to create a unique user experience for your visitors, which you control, and that is powered by Bing’s knowledge repository.”

The company also announced App Linking functionality for businesses.

“Bing Webmaster Tools will be your interface to linking your website to your app,” it says. “Bing App Linking lets you connect your app to your web site so that search results for the top level of your web site include a link to your app. If you implement deep linking, search results for pages within your web site will include deep links to targets inside your app.”

Google has also expanded its app indexing initiative, announcing nearly 25 new apps it is now indexing.

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